Hospital countertop selection, why more and more tend to Corian solid surface?

2022-07-12 15:01:14    TELL WORLD Solid Surface Co.,Ltd    0

September 19-21, 2020, the "21st National Hospital Construction Conference" (CHCC) was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, this exhibition, a number of artificial stone solid surface material booth attracted many attendees to stop, so that everyone has a new knowledge of the application of artificial stone solid surface material in the medical field As a medical facility, hospitals require clean and antibacterial surfaces.

As a medical place, hospitals have very high requirements for clean and antibacterial, and the countertops used must ensure the safety of the medical environment. In this regard, artificial stone solid surface material can achieve seamless splicing because of its non-porous and seamless texture, which can better prevent the penetration of dirt and stains, inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent cross-infection. Because the material itself is easy to take care of, it can also keep the overall environment as bright and clean as new, reducing maintenance costs.

Secondly, in helping to improve the medical environment, artificial stone solid surface material than stone more warm texture, can make the doctor feel soft and warm, relieve the tension of the doctor. Also with the artificial stone rich colors, strong plasticity, to achieve different functional areas of personalized decoration style, to meet the needs of different doctors, to create a more humane medical environment.


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