Solid surface materials to create a commercial art shopping center

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The use space brought by the solid surface material is huge, and its beautiful color, various patterns, and no color difference are more suitable for the construction of shopping centers. High toughness and elasticity, the artificial stone has good toughness and is not easy to break; it can be carved, drilled, and inlaid; it can be polished into various laces by mixed construction methods, suitable for processing into various complex artworks, etc.; using hot bending The technology creates a variety of modeling machines, and uses the various characteristics of solid surface materials to be used in shopping malls.

The solid surface material has the characteristics of anti-fouling and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and low water absorption. The water absorption rate of artificial stone is one-third of that of natural marble. It can be dense and non-porous after being processed by vacuum technology. Any possible color change can be prepared. It is often used in the style of makeup counters.

The solid surface material has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-radiation and environmental protection. It does not emit any odor and can provide guests with a healthier and more comfortable food shopping environment.

Due to the addition of aluminum hydroxide, it has good flame retardant properties. Easy and seamless splicing The seamless splicing makes the artificial stone products exquisite and clean, and the whole is uniform. Because of its light weight, it is easy to install, so it is often used in electronic counters.

The most important thing for the clothing, shoe and bag counters is to be clean and tidy, so that customers can shine; and the solid surface is easy to clean. Daily maintenance only needs clean water and rags to meet this point; if there are accidental scratches, only sandpaper and water are required. Just wipe it bright as new.

Solid surface materials are widely used in various fields such as hospitals, home improvement, and commerce; visually, they can be changed into a variety of multi-color shapes, creating more possibilities for the design of art shopping centers.

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